This will be a little hard to understand for most people but I assure you, it’s genius!

Get hip to the new science!

I don’t know if I uploaded this before. I drew this a LONG time ago in Art Rage. A little Goblin dude in his school uniform.


A Venn Diagram Venn Diagram for @barfcaptain

It appears to be John Venn’s (the inventor of the Venn Diagram) birthday today! So I shall reblog this

I just found this old teaser painting for an AGS game I was working on over 15 years ago. This poster is from around 2006 but I had been working on the game for 5 years before that.

You can watch the fully animated teaser trailer here:

I made this animated teaser in 2003… Good god this game is old.

Maybe 2 months ago I worked on it again for a few nights. I made a new animation and tried to fix some scripting. I should just pay someone to help me finish it. It will have been in production longer than Duke Nukem Forever!


wyrmeguy asked:

I'm so glad I found your blog, I have loved Rutabaga for like a year!! I love the art and the story, it's just so cool!! Also I use animation creator for my animations too!


That is so kind of you to say! I’m so glad you like it. I bought a stylus just to thumbnail Rutabaga on my iPad but I’ve mostly just been animating… woops!


Anonymous asked:

What app did you use? This is great


I’m using the free version of Animation Creator HD, then I export the frames to my photo library and dropbox them to my computer and put them into Photoshop.

I drew this animation over the weekend on my iPad with a tiny amount of Photoshop touch-up before posting.

I’ve always wanted to do something like this and maybe I’ll clean it up even more to actual final art style!

Made a little iPad animation of Abigail from Back by @kcgreen and @nedroid

Made a little iPad animation of Abigail from Back by @kcgreen and @nedroid

Another character design for an upcoming Rutabaga chapter. This one is wrong and not what the character should look like but here he is all the same!